Every Vehicle Needs One!


EVATM , the Emergency Vehicle Assistant, will jump start your car, inflate your tires, recharge your electronic devices, light up the dark, and give you peace of mind with its free Smartphone app!

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 Affordable and Easy to Use!

Protect Yourself and Your Family

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    Alone in the dark and stranded with a dead battery?  EVA is the answer!
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    Potentially dangerous low tire pressure?  EVA is the answer!
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    Electronic devices need a charge?  EVA is the answer!
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    No need to search in the dark for operating instructions.  EVA will guide you step-by-step!

The World's Lightest, Portable All-in-One Vehicle Safety Device is Here!

EVA, your Emergency Vehicle Assistant, was inspired by a true-life situation.  A loved one was alone and stranded in a dark parking lot with a dead battery.  We vowed to do whatever we could to prevent anyone else from having to be in that situation.

Now, after over a year  in development, EVA is ready to bring peace of mind  to:

  • - Parents of new drivers;
  • - Husbands, wives and others concerned about loved ones on the road;
  • - Individuals that rely on their vehicle to commute or make a living; 
  • - Anyone that doesn't know how to or is just intimidated jumpstarting a car; and
  • - Owners of any non-commercial vehicle such as a car, minivan, pickup truck or SUV.

No Need for a Trunk Full Of Heavy Tools!

Why take up valuable trunk space carting around heavy, bulky equipment when EVA can provide everything you need in a compact, efficient and user-friendly format?

EVA Provides an All-in-One Solution

EVATM will jump start your car, inflate your tires, recharge your electronic devices, light up the dark, and give you piece of mind with its free Smartphone app!!

EVATM is a compact, lightweight and easy to use 4-in-1 Emergency Vehicle Assistant that features:

  • - super-bright, detachable Lighting module,
  • - high-capacity Power Bank with two USB outputs,
  • - powerful Jump Starter that doesn’t require another car,
  • - digital auto-stop Tire Inflator to quickly inflate your tires, and
  • - free Smartphone App that:
  •           - automatically sends Notifications and Alerts to your smartphone
  •           - includes easy to follow operating instructions.


EdgeWorks Innovations has developed the...

Emergency Vehicle Assistant




EVA in the trunk

Stows Easily in Your Trunk

Features and Functionality

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    48 LEDS that give off 200 lumens of super-bright, white light
  • 2
    A failsafe Jump Starter that will work with most cars, minivans, pickup trucks and SUVs
  • 3
    Auto shut-off Tire Inflator to keep tires safely inflated at recommended settings
  • 4
    10,000 mAh powerbank to recharge your electronic devices
  • 5
    A Smartphone App that tells you when EVA needs to be recharged and provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions for all of EVA's functions

Not Just an Idea

EdgeWorks Innovations believes in bringing value to our customers by releasing cutting edge products.  

EVA is a fully developed product that just requires tooling to begin production.  

Only through the support of backers on Kickstarter can EVA be created.  

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Rich Adamany
Richard Adamany
Bennett Rubin
Bennett Rubin

Creators of EVA

The Creators

EdgeWorks InnovationsTM was conceived around a single mission of offering high-quality products that provide exceptional utility and value. 

Unique, innovative tools, gadgets and other useful items are firmly rooted in the DNA of EdgeWorks InnovationsTM.

Nearly 15 years ago, the founders of EdgeWorks InnovationsTM started another company known for its unique and innovative products. That company was Swiss+Tech Products.

Now, more than two dozen patents later, the founders have formed EdgeWorks InnovationsTM to embark on an even more exciting journey!

Show Me the Specs!

You've read this far and now you want to know the detailed specifications.  What's under the hood of EVA (yep, a car pun)?  No problem.  Let's dig into it.

Compact, Lightweight, User-Friendly Design

Unlike competing products, EVATM is about the height and width of a plus-size smartphone and weighs only 2.5 pounds .   EVATM includes a fold-down carrying handle and has been designed to make every feature easy to use.  

Detachable Lighting Module

EVATM can light up the night with its 48 state-of-the-art, surface-mounted LEDs that give off over 200 lumens of super-bright, white light.  With Multi-Mode operation, EVATM lets you choose between Flashlight/Work Light, Emergency Flasher or “SOS” Morse Code.

EVA's detachable Lighting Module has three positioning options:

  - Hand-held to fit into the palm of your hand,

  - Magnetic using its TWO powerful magnets to attach to metal objects, and

  - Hook Hang with a built-in swivel-out hook.

Power Bank

EVATM has a High-Capacity, 10,000 mAh Power Bank that features USB Fast Charging of phones, tablets and other electronic devices.  On a single charge of its powerful battery, EVATM can recharge a standard-size smartphone up to 4 times, a plus-size smartphone up to 3 times and a tablet up to 2 times.  With two high capacity USB 2.1A outputs, EVATM can even charge two devices simultaneously.

EVA’s Power Bank can be recharged up to 1,000 times.  Choose from three recharging options:  

  - 5V/2A Micro-USB,

  - 5V/2A USB-C, or

  - 15V/1A Fast Charge DC Pin connection.  

Four blue LED indicators quickly communicate the power level status of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Jump Starter

With EVATM, there is no need for a second vehicle.  EVATM can jump start most passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans and even motorcycles.  EVATM features heavy-duty jumper cables with an integrated storage compartment and is thoughtfully designed for fail-safe operation.

Tire Inflator

EVATM has a state of the art Tire Inflator that features Digital Pressure Selection and Monitoring.  Simply “dial in” your desired tire pressure and EVATM automatically stops when the desired pressure is achieved.  EVATM provides a choice of four Pressure Measurement Options - - PSI (default), BAR, KPA, and KG/CM.  

EVA’s Tire Inflator includes an integrated Hose Storage Compartment and features a user-friendly Threaded Connector that eliminates the frustrating “hissing” when connected to the tire valve.

Free Smartphone App

EVA’s unique functionality is further enhanced through a Free Smartphone App available for both iOS and Android. 

Using Bluetooth, the App connects EVATM to your smartphone and automatically sends Notifications and Alerts, and provides easy to follow step-by-step operating instructions.  

No more searching for the user-manual and trying to read the tiny print during a stressful situation.

The EVA Advantage


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    EVA is about the size of a lunch box and fits neatly in small spaces of a vehicle's trunk.
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    EVA weighs only 2.5 lbs.
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    EVA has an auto shut-off after inflating tires to your pre-selected pressure.
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    The EVA App monitors the charge level and lets you know when to recharge.
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    Worry free use with step-by-step instructions built into the App.

Other Devices

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    Bulky jumper cables, chargers and tools take up valuable trunk space.
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    Competing products can weigh 40 lbs. or more!
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    Tire Inflators with connections that hiss and must be stopped manually.
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    Intimidating to use even if the instructions can be located.
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    App? What app?  It's up to you to hope this device is charged when you need it most.

Last Chance to Enter

The countdown to our Kickstarter Campaign has begun.  When the counter hits zero, the Early Bird discount and the chance to WIN a free EVA ...a $169 Value...will be gone.

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