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Pegboard Jar Organizer Sets in Blue and Red

EdgeWorks Innovations Pegboard Jars

Get rid of the clutter at your workspace

Pegboard Jars Blue
Pegboard Jars Red

Bounce, Not Break!

We developed a modern jar system with all the benefits using impact resistant PET plastic for the clarity of glass without the shortcomings.  Watch our video to see!

Features and Benefits

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    Fits both 1/4" and 1/8" pegboard holes

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    Our Squeeze, Hook, and Lock System makes it easy to relocate jars easily

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    High Quality PET plastic gives the strength of glass but without breaking if dropped.

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    Crystal clear jars means no more searching through boxes on shelves looking for components

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    Everything you need at your fingertips so you can work faster with a highly organized workbench or crafting table

Product Specs

  • Sold in Sets of 6 or 12
  • Colors: Red or Blue
  • Jar Size: 2" diameter x 3" tall
  • Jar Material: PET Plastic
  • Cap Material:  Nylon

Availability:  Arriving to Amazon by the end of March

Only our readers will receive a SPECIAL discount code when they arrive.

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